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Diamond Encrusted High Quality Stick-On Face & Body Jewels

Diamond Encrusted High Quality Stick-On Face & Body Jewels

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Use your Face & Body Jewels for ANY Occasion! Intensify your everyday style
with your jewels or add a touch of sparkle to your body for Holidays,
Events, Cosplay, Halloween parties, music festivals, dance competitions,
and more.

Highest Quality Stick-On Face & Body Jewels

Make A Dazzling Statement Whether You Are At A Festival Or Performing For An Audience On Stage.

Are You A Mermaid, A Unicorn, Or A Fairy…

Go On…… Get Your Shine On!!!

  • Lasts Up To 2-4 Time If Kept Clean

  • Perfect For Festivals

  • Great For Stage Shows

  • Ocean-Friendly

YOU RECEIVE: 7 Uniquely beautiful Rhinestone Body Jewels that you can use on your skin, face, and body. Our face jewels come with self-adhesive on the back. It is stronger than ordinary glue which will make the jewels last longer.

UNIQUE DESIGNS: Standing out in the crowd will be easy with beautiful designs that you can use for any occasion. Our Body Jewels will help you create a fantasy look for parties, concerts, music festivals, raves and any special occasions.

EASY TO APPLY & REMOVE: Our Body Jewels are Self-adhesive, so application is easy and quick. Clean the area you will be applying the face jewels to before applying. Once cleaned, just peel and stick to desired area, no need to use extra glue.

CREATE YOUR OWN LOOK: Create fantastic Cosplay and Fantasy looks with our unique designs! Let your imagination take over and stick your Jewels on your forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, around your eyes, stomach, chest, back, arms and hands! Show off your look and brighten up anyone’s day with your beauty and shining Jewels.

SAFE AND REUSABLE: Our Body Jewels are non-toxic and safe to use. What are they made of? Acrylic and metal stones? The Body Jewels are reusable, and repositionable. To increase the amount of uses you get out of your Jewels, it is important to clean them after every use. Once glue has worn off, you can use Spirit um, eyelash glue or body glue to make the Body Jewels adhesive again.

LOVED BY CELEBS | With models like Alexa Collins, Chloe Khan, Charity Grace and Carmen Ortega, Emily Alexandra Cosmetics are the hidden ‘gems’ that are beautifying the world! Create your celebrity status and empowerment now with everything Emily Alexandra

EASILY STICKS AND HOLDS | High quality jewels and safe adhesives provide hours of glamorous beauty! With proper use technique, you can get 2-4 uses out of the body and face jewels for multiple parties and events

SHOW OFF WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE | Whether you are big into music festivals, an underwater mermaid, a dashing unicorn, or pristine fairy, Emily Alexandra’s Body & Face Jewels are the perfect compliment to your natural beauty. Go on and let the world see YOU!

GREAT FOR PERFORMERS | For those performing a show, know that these will hold and shine no matter how active you are. Let the stage lights shine brighter and capture that magical beauty you contain within

DIAMONDS, RHINESTONE, GEMS & MORE | Emily Alexandra’s varieties offer all different types of quality gems and crystals. Each set is different and unique in its own way. Stand out against the crowd with the signature styles of Emily Alexandra Cosmetics line


Plastic jewels, skin-safe silicone adhesive

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