Emily Alexandra Guglielmo

The American MermaidEmily is the founder of Emily Alexandra Cosmetics.

Renowned as The American Mermaid, Emily Alexandra Guglielmo has always been a mermaid at heart. Growing up in Florida, her childhood was spent playing in the inspiring ocean waves; a force of nature shaping her athletic body and evolving her robust consciousness. All those years of her supportive father taking her to the beach instead of the mall every weekend eventually paid off, Emily began to thrive as an in-demand professional mermaid in 2012.

An avid diver, living mermaid and ocean conservationist, Emily Alexandra has performed in aquatic environments in full costume, boldly transforming before massive audiences. Developing her own line of cosmetics was a logical next step, as she is the ultimate insider in an ever-aspirational world. She sought to create a cosmetic line that not only was good for your skin, but safe for the oceans. Ever the water-activist, Emily began to notice the impact of human grooming products seeping into the marine ecosystem. It’s not just your sunblock, but your makeup and hair products as well. She knows her community wants to make smarter choices, so she’s done the work for you. With her cosmetics line, relax knowing your skin is safe, and our oceans are too.

Emily Alexandra’s drive to protect the planet as a whole led her to start SupportingWater.org. The genesis goes back to when she was a child, believing that drinking water should be accessible to everyone no matter what. Feel good knowing a percentage of each Emily Alexandra Cosmetics purchase goes back into this foundation.

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